Model: Sasha from Bali Starz

Stylist: Chloe Machin from N3 Collective agency

Photographer: Kenza le bas

Make up artist: Juno Pchel

Bamboo Blonde was made for women who believe that looking good is feeling good. For fashion seekers, IT girls, fearless lovers, first dates, celebration and especially for working hard & playing harder.

Our playful and creative collective seeks to form clothing and accessories that are approachable for all women of any age, style and creed.

For our new campaign we decided to collaborate with N3 Collective, a creative agency in Bali that offers unique and amazing concepts in styling and creative direction. BB campaign was directed by the creative @mscmachin, photographed by the young and talented @kenzalebas, also well-known for her IG page and brand @zanalingerie, amazing artist @JunoPchel for the make up & hair and our beautiful Moldavian model @sasha.ap from @balistarz agency.

We came up with a new perspective and went into a total different ambiance for this campaign, our concept was based of on the idea of the “CITY LOFT”. We liked the idea of the “dreamy girl-next door” and take indoor shots for a change to give the trendy vintage loft atmosphere, while still giving an island flavor that connects with the styles.

We were lucky enough to call this beautiful Moldavian model @sasha.ap, a muse for our island lifestyle brand. Have a closer look in the interview and get to know her better! 🙂



1)        Tell us a bit about your background? (family, hometown, education, passion)

I was born in a small village in the Northern of Moldova. I had an amazing childhood, I was living near a forest and a lake, I used to love playing outside. When I was 8 years old, I moved to the capital (Chisinau) and continued my studies in a Russian school.

In my country we speak two languages Romanian and Russian, but with my family we communicate in Ukrainian-Russian. I know, it can be a little bit complicated but I’m very proud of where I come from :)) I have a big family, and we all are very close to each other, we talk almost every day about what is happening in everyday life. Growing up I have always said that I have two moms, my biological mother and my aunt, they are like my best friends, they always support me no matter what, and I feel really grateful to have both of them in my life. I also have a little brother, he looks just like me, just a little different because he has blonde hair and blue eyes :))

I was studying tourism at university for 2 years, but last year I stopped for a while because I wanted to travel, but now I think that I should go back soon to finish my degree and graduate.



2)        How do you like living in Bali?


I love it! It’s a very simple and relaxing life I would say. This island is very special to me. But unfortunately there are some areas which are really dirty, polluted with crazy traffic… Makes me feel sad and upset sometimes to see this, and I think everyone who lives on the island MUST be aware and keep it clean so we could enjoy this beautiful island even more.


3)        What made you first become a model?

My lovely friend who was studying photography took a picture of me when I was 15, I posted it in social media… and then a scout contacted me. That’s how it started :))
4)        Who are some of your favorite model?

I can’t say exactly, there are so many beautiful models who really inspire me every single day.
5)        How would you describe your style?

I simply call it “Bali style”! I like to wear cute tops with shorts, flip flops and of course new bikinis every time I go in the water :)))
6)        Take us behind the scenes of the Bamboo Blonde Shoot, what was that experience like 

The styling, make up and background were great! I really enjoy it.


7)        Funniest moment on a photoshoot?

A few jokes with the team are always so much fun during the shoot!



8)        What are the fashion trends you like in the summer?

Anything colorful, and simple to wear for a day out in the sun!
9)        How would you spend the perfect day?

Nice place, people I love and of course yummy food. What can be better than this?!
10)  How does a typical day look like to you?

Go to the beach, work out at the gym, and mostly eat a lot J
11)  What are your favorite items from Bamboo Blonde, and why?

There are so many items that I like from the upcoming collection. It’s very simple but at the same time it looks so fashionable and comfy.
12)  Every girl has a special can’t live without this staple in their closet, what¹s yours?

Shorts! I keep all the shorts that I’ve ever bought, I don’t even remember how many I’ve got now in my closet 🙂
13)  What are some of your hidden talents?

I’m still discovering it! But there are a few things that I’d love to do and learn how to do it properly :))
14)  If you weren’t modelling what would you do?

I’ve always had a passion to travel and experience different ways of living outside the country, so I guess I would choose a job that can make my dreams come true.
15)  How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In a place where I belong with the people I love the most <3



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