80's fashion trends

Are 80’s trends on their way back?

Blast from the past

At one of our lunchtime Netflix huddles, we realised that we were watching - and loving - what seemed to be quite a lot of programmes set in the 80’s. The Firefly Lane flashbacks, Glow and Pose and, a team favourite, ahem, Dynasty. Yep, we just fessed that up. 

It would seem that everyone’s jumping on the 80’s bandwagon, even the Fashion World. 

We know what you’re thinking. Leotards, neon, ironing boards for shoulder pads, oh and more neon. And yes, we’re with you. It’s a nope from us. 

Fret not. While 80’s style is most definitely making a comeback, thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be a leg-warmer in sight. 

The 80’s gave us much to mock. Big Hair. Really BIG crimped hair. Aerobics. Google Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton-John or watch the 80’s smash, Flashdance. Leotards were THE thing. 

Other 80’s trends that didn’t quite cut it; MC Hammer pants. Enormous puffed-sleeve blouses, jumpers and even wedding dresses. And thanks to Dynasty, rhinestone encrusted excessiveness. 

The 80’s was a rich decade for fashion because it was so OTT. And it’s this ‘More is More’ theme that has influenced the current fashion trends we’re seeing today.

80’s inspired fashion trends
denim shorts

The Great 80’s Comeback

80’s inspired fashion trends

Here’s the five 80’s trends that have made their way to today’s hot looks. 

The Power Silhouette.

Defining the decade, this was a new style of silhouette for women. Much more than just fashion, it signalled the rise in women entering the male-dominated corporate world. This influx of powerful women saw elements of the male business suit showing up in 80’s womens fashion.

And so, the triangle silhouette was born along with oversized sleeves, excessive shoulder pads, cinched waists and jumpsuits. And it’s this that has made its way into 2021 fashion styles. 

Think boxy, oversized blazers, paired with simple tee’s and jeans. Oversized button-downs, worn as a dress, over jeans or as an off the shoulder accessory. Add a belt to dress it up and accentuate the waist and recreate the, ‘not so OTT’, triangle silhouette. And look for structured shoulders in dresses and tops.

Oversized Everything. 

Sticking with the oversized theme, things are starting to drift away from skinny jeans and move more towards more loose-fitting denim. And you can throw wide-leg pants and bell-bottoms into that too. And as much as we love a skinny jean, we’re kind of loving the extra few inches. 

latest fashion trends
black denim shorts

More 80’s styles in 2021

Fashion trends of today

Denim On Denim.

Love it or hate it, it’s back! 

Denim is a trend that has never died. And we’d take a fairly big bet that it never will. It’s impossible to go to a clothing store and not see denim folded and stacked or hanging on the rails. But denim on denim. Really? 

Well, the ‘more is more’ 80’s style concept says that there’s no such thing as too much! And well, who are we to argue. So grab your denims, yes, all your denims, and go for it. 

Neutrals & Brights. 

Thankfully, it’s not Neon. Although never say never as we’re not totally convinced the neon 80’s trend has been confined to the fashion archives just yet! But for now, we’ve got bright colours. And just like the 80’s, nothing is off limits. 

Yellows, pinks, oranges and greens. Layer individual bright, block colours. Add pops of bright colour to wardrobe basics. Or grab big and bold prints to make a ‘more is more’ statement. 

And although perhaps a bit contradictory, neutrals - think earthy tones - are also big this season. And neutral doesn’t mean boring. Neutrals are also showing up in fun animal prints.

fashion trends 2021

The Fashion Roundabout

80’s to the 2020’s

The Bodysuit.

Ok. Ok. We said the leotard was gone for good. And well, the layered over leggings, complete with leg warmers look, thankfully has. However, what has made a comeback is the 80’s trend of body consciousness. 

Now it’s about bodysuits layered underneath pants, jeans and maxi skirts. Sexy body-con dresses, both long and short, layered with oversized, off the shoulder shirts. 

And the best thing is that now, in these more body-positive times, you can embrace body-con, curve hugging fashion whether you have an aerobics-honed body or not.

A Few Extra’s. 

A few other 80’s trends worth a mention; Tie-Dye. On t-shirts and loungewear sets. Corset tops. Hot in the 80’s and thanks to Bridgerton, corsets have seen a revival this year. And bomber jackets, polka dot dresses, velvet dresses and ruffled blouses, all make an appearance in this year's trends.

Fashion in the 80’s was all things OTT; the colours, the shoulder pads, the ruffles and rhinestones. And whilst there’s a few 80’s trends we're pretty relieved haven’t shown up on the fashion roundabout, we think we’ve got a lot to thank the 80’s for.

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