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Tops For Women: Matching With Bottoms

You have the bottom now what for the top?

Womens Tops and what to wear with them!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably having a hard time matching clothes. And don’t worry, you’re not alone. Not knowing what to wear is super normal.

In this post, we are going to have some sort of study case. We will guide you through what to wear with the bottoms you have in your closet.

cute crop tops
Lolita Rib Top

Casual Tops For Women

Putting two pieces in the same fabric, colour or pattern together

Crop Top Collections

Living in a tropical country means you are bound to feel the heat on a daily basis. When it comes to casual tops for women, The Crop Top is the outfit that you'd want to wear when you just want to be cool and comfortable. Straightforward and simple. Not only does it offer you a little extra ventilation, but they're also so easy to wear with anything in your closet.

As you know, crop tops have been wildly popular for some time. Below is Bamboo Blonde's ultimate crop top that you oughta add to your collection this season

Glendale Crop Top

Glendale Crop Top has so many benefits that make it a must-have item, let us tell you why. It is made of 100% linen which means durable yet creases pretty easily. But worry not for the ruched texture will disguise any wrinkles made. And, the cut is everything! This bandeau style top is unlined which flaunts your most natural silhouette and guarantees comfort.

The square neckline means it's time to show off your décolletage Babe! Adding some accessories on the neck could never go wrong, only makes your look sweeter, in fact. The elasticated bust waist and strap mean it will hug any chest size, wardrobe malfunction-free guaranteed.

For a laid-back yet polished style on sunny days, find high-waisted shorts or your favorite co-ord bottom, complete the look with this season’s chunky trainers, and of course, never leave your home without your sunglasses.

Black crop top
Luna Bralette

Cute Tops For Women

Bandeau & Bralette both in fun prints and plain or neutral colors.

Maisie Front Tie Bandeau

Bare those shoulders with this multiway twist and tie sexy summer tops; they are staple pieces! While they look similar, if you look closer, they are indeed a little bit different. The first model, animal print rayon, is a tube top with extra fabric at the front that you can wear in different ways that will give you different vibes.

On the other hand, the second model is a front-tie cotton fabric bandeau and comes in two colors: black and white. With this type of top, you can make a halter top, a ribbon knot on the front (or back), and many more. Both bandeau tops feature elastic on the back, which ensures all-day comfort. Pulling of many looks in one piece? Hey, that is the definition of street smart.

Luna Bralette

Luna bralette is a flirty-fitting piece that features a triangle bust cust, embracing your cleavage. We swear by its comfort as the fabrication is stretchy, you can even wear it for yoga! Comes in black, the color you could never go wrong with.

Ribbed tops
Irene Rib Top

Ribbed Top: Slim Fit And Stretchy

Rib top it is

While our collections of ribbed tops are practically cropped, what we mean by rib top is a slim fit top with stretchy materials which has a typical knit of fabric. It is knitted in a way that, if you see really closely, it is covered in rows of vertical lines which alternate between being raised and sunken. Generally, they are made out of cotton and cotton blends. Lucky you, we just launched lots of rib/knit top collections at our new arrivals, let's take a look!

White Ribbed Top

The Lolita is a white ribbed top with a cropped cut that features an asymmetrical design on the shoulders. You do not need to try hard when wearing this top, the asymmetry itself is enough statement.

Irene Ribbed Top

Another must-have top with a basic cut that makes it a style essential with colours ranging from neutral to bold. The racerback gives an edgy and sporty vibe but you can definitely set the tone to be more feminine with the right mix and match and accessorising. The black one embodies a laid-back, cool-girl vibe. Are you thinking of what we're thinking about the pink shade? It's Barbie pink! Wear this top if you want to give a pop of colour to your look while reliving your childhood memories. The choco is a muted earth tone which is also our best seller colour! Irene rib top comes in small, medium, and large sizing.

summer tops for women

Sexy Summer Tops For Women

A dash of sensuality.

Athena Rib Top

Sexy Summer Tops For Women, Fun Fact: asymmetrical necklines are the sexiest trend in 2021. Asymmetry on its own constructs bold and powerful compositions, gracefully generating a deconstructed, chic unity. Combined with the neckline, it naturally adds a dash of sensuality. Now you know how to take your casual look to the next level with this asymmetric one-shoulder ribbed top.

Dasha Rib Top

Halter neck is a major throwback going-out outfit in the 90s that is coming back in a big way. Dasha rib top is another shoulders-baring crop top that gives your back a spotlight. This piece is a true head-turner. Basic but not boring. Add hoop earrings, a column skirt, and a pair of mules to amplify your seriously 90's look. Oh one more thing, feel free to play with popping colours!

Jean Halter Top

For those of you who enjoy showing some skin, this one's for you. Comes in a brown Thai milk tea color that practically matches any skin tone beautifully. Twisted details feel especially flesh, pun intended ;) Not just yummy, you will also be looking hella spicy!

Long tops for women

Long Tops For Women

Don't catch a fever, put on an outer

Lora Kimono

On the topic of long tops for women, Our Kimono comes in one universal size and two colours (black & white), making it perfect for every body. The kimono outer falls mid-thigh, a staple for layering. Bring it for your next chill by the pool session or a weekend getaway at your favourite resort!

Dion Shirt

Oversize button-down shirts are the summer basics that are definitely wearable during fall. The basic is such a key staple, and we love how many different ways you can style with this one. Welcome one of our new arrivals, Dion shirt. It has minimalist features and comes in cute light blue and light pink pastel colors, which makes it an absolute wardrobe essential.

For a casual style, you can wear it on its own as a mini-dress, just add a belt or a waist bag, or pair it with our bandeau cropped top and shorts. For a more preppy look, tuck in your shirt! Since the hemline of this shirt is slightly longer and curved at the back, it is perfect if you want to try half-tuck, front tuck, or full tuck. Each will give a different feel and look. Collar and long sleeve features make it formal occasion friendly.

We hope our style guide helps you. Now it’s time to get dressed with our fresh pick of women tops. Shop risk-free with our return, refund, and 30-day exchange policy only at Bamboo Blonde.

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