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How to style one skirt for every occasion

One fits all

A skirt is the perfect addition to every woman's wardrobe and it should be in your closet. There are so many different shapes, textures, lengths for any occasion that you could find yourself! A mini-skirt has been around since the 50s, defined the whole era in the 60s and still remains one of fashion's most iconic trends right now in 2021/2022.

Choosing a perfect mini skirt for women

A perfect skirt is our secret weapon - we feel sexy, feminine, trendy, and comfortable in our 'above the knee' look. We can wear it on the beach, on a date, for a party or exploring the island of Bali with our friends.  The right mini-skirt is a must-have for holidays, but you have to learn some basics about mini skirts for women.

 Mini skirts are all about the right length

An ideal mini skirt will end ​​mid-thigh to make your legs seem longer and cover enough. But the magic won’t work if the skirt will reveal the thickest part of your thigh, oops!

If you are not comfortable with your hips and think they are too wide, don’t buy midi or maxi skirts - it will only add extra volume!

You will need only one skirt.

To create a capsule Bali-style wardrobe you’ll need only ONE skirt that will work perfectly on any occasion -and we mean our Julie Mini Split Skirt ;)

This mini skirt is actually super easy to wear and style as it comes in 3 colours and cute flower print. 

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Julie Mini Split Skirt

White Mini Skirt - your fashion jewel

A wardrobe essential

To be fair, white is actually accepted as a universal colour by the fashion trend setters as it fits most occasions and match with all colours: it will look minimalist and trendy if you vote for monochrome, it will stay casual with top of neutral colours, and it will draw attention if you choose coloured top or accessories. 

White Julie Mini Split Skirt is the favourite skirt of our stylists - no wonder! The minimalist design and superb material look chic and effortlessly stylish. To sprinkle your look with some fun we added a cheeky split on the front.

But how to style a mini skirt for every occasion?

We personally know some girls who wear shorts everywhere, and not because they don’t like skirts. They just honestly have no idea how to style a skirt, well...had no idea, as we’ve created 3 outfits with a cute mini skirt that will make you look stunning for a cocktail hour, a pool party, a casual walk or date night. This is for all the artsy girls in the world who love mixing things up in their wardrobe and stay stylish even in hot tropical climates.

Lifehack to style any skirt

Shoes are the key! Sneakers transform your outfit into casual. High heels are the trick to show off your legs (but they are not always comfy to wear in Bali). Sandals make a look great for beach or shopping.

casual mini skirt
Julia mini skirt

Pair the white mini skirt with a perfect top

Style it up

A puff sleeve top for cocktail hour

Puff sleeves are the perfect way to inject some fun into your outfit without compromising on style. They're airy, comfy and most importantly they remain one of this year's biggest trends! Pair a plain puff sleeve top with a white mini skirt to accentuate your waist and create that perfectly balanced look - we swear it'll be hard not find yourself looking good in any situation! Choose your puff sleeve top “strategically”. A wide square neckline is super trendy right now, while a classy V shaped is ultra-feminine and best to show the neckline. Go monochrome if you want to create a summer skirt “suit” for going out and staying minimalistic.

Couple up the mini skirt and crop top for casual look

Inspired by Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne, we vote for a casual look with a mini skirt.  A crop top shows a little bit of your tanned body, which will also create a balance between top and bottom and will highlight your body shape without you feeling too exposed. While a Julie mini skirt has a little split to make walking and sitting more comfortable, a crop top is a choice to go when it is really hot outside.

Short skirt with off-shoulder top for a pool party

Pool parties are a lot of fun and also mean less clothes on! But not everyone jumps straight in the pool, right? We still need to look gorgeous. And the perfect outfit here will be a mini skirt with a trendy split and an off-shoulder top that gives a breezy feel.

Off-shoulder tops are one of the bestsellers as they let you feel free, beautiful and playful, letting your shoulders win over everyone. ​​Feel free to pair your skirt with strappy sandals and some metallic jewellery.

Mini skirt outfits
Julia mini split skirt

How to Wear Mini Skirt: More Outfits With Mini Skirts

Finishing touches

Choose a short skirt based on your lifestyle.

 Aim for a skirt ending slightly above your knees. Skater skirts or denim skirts are universal casual skirt styles, while bodycon skirts are created for nightlife and clubs. 

Some girls prefer to match a mini with a crop top or T-shirt tucked into the skirt, but some girls wear mini skirts with bodysuits. 

You can be as creative and hipster with your outfit as you want. Wear a sleek, sexy mini skirt paired up nicely with a plain sweater for a chill evening ride or a movie night at XXI Premiere.

If not feeling too daring go full-on girly by combining the best of both worlds - floral prints or lace fabrics in soft pastel colours like baby blue, pink lilac etc..

You may also find pairing a denim skirt with a T-shirt over fishnets underneath black Doc Martens effortlessly elegant and rebellious at any event - from clubbing till concert time ;)

Accessories are like vitamins…

Couldn’t agree more. Whatever top you choose, the details always matter. Earrings, necklaces, boots and belts are now in the game! Add gold jewellry to your dressier look, pair this skirt with heels and a sequinned blouse to bring out the sparkle of the sequin top and you're good to go. Heart shaped sunglasses, platform shoes, and a statement necklace may seem edgy but still chic and will get people talking ;)

A mini skirt and style are timeless for women! Create your own way to rock your versatile mini skirt! You can style Julie Mini Split Skirt for any occasion and mood of the day, as it comes in pink and beige colours, and with playful flower print. 

You can rock it when heading out for a casual night out with your friends, on a date on the beach, or when staying in to binge-watch your favourite TV show. The possibilities are endless. No time to waste! You can find them all here. 

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