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What To Wear On Chinese New Year

Best Dresses To Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022

The Chinese New Year is an inch closer, babe! It's the perfect time to get some new year shopping. Looking for another style of Cheongsam but still respecting the culture? Keep scrolling down to check out our range of fashion items that you can try on for this special occasion. And, check out the dresses collection you’ll love - at special prices.

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Romania Mini Dress

Rise Up As A Tiger

I’m Ready With Midi Dress

Heads up! Let's choose an auspicious outfit for your tiger new year! If you're looking for something more modest, you'll love these midi dresses. The elegant yet stunning style will brighten up your look and make you look effortlessly fabulous

Finley Midi Dress

Red always bear you up with prosperity in Chinese New Year. Moreover, it wins you game of Mahjong. Have you tried it? Get ready with Finley Midi Dress by Bamboo Blonde - the well-loved and famous Bali fashion brand. Without being gaudy, this satin dress will make you look glamorous with its simplicity and the stunning detail on its cowl neckline. So, give a try with this Finley Midi Dress if you want to double your luck and beauty! Ah! You can also pair it with black sandals for maxi comfort.

Marilyn Midi Dress

Marilyn Satin Midi Dress is brushed in sage green, a hue is everywhere most recently. Minty color of the year works in every space and for every vibe. If you haven't already realized, sage green is having a moment in the design world. So, why don’t you try this on? A midi dress shaped sleeveless a sleeveless midi dress featuring a cowl neckline, criss-cross detail on the back, and adjustable strap. You might need a head bun with long earrings to complete the look.

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Finley Midi Dress

Ready To Roar This Year

Give You Power & Great Deal of Nerve

The new year that you will roar on! Unleash your great power but in a cute way. Tell you how? Look at here! Check up Bamboo Blonde’s mini dresses that bring you cute but dominant. Continue scrolling babe…

Rebecca Rib Mini Dress

If you're heading out to a family gathering, dress in a sleeveless shocking pink Rebecca Rib Mini Dress today! The waist-cut round detail of this dress can evoke your sweetness. Activities of spinning wheel, high tea, shuffling cards, or others, you always look super sweet! Put your statement style like a minimalist pendant with earrings, or a bulky bracelet.

Romania Flowy Dress

If you wanna go bold yet adorable in your Chinese New Year festival, this dress is absolutely the perfect choice. This Romania Flowy Mini Dress by Bamboo Blonde with the sexy neckline cut that aligns with waist cut-out detail will reveal your inner charisma and beauty. Not stopping there, black never goes wrong, doesn’t it? A black mini dress for Chinese New Year is made of textured rayon fabrication, super cute cutout details, and a tiered skirt.

New Year, New You - They Said

Well, you might hear it most of the time, but the Chinese New Year festival wouldn't be perfect without a new outfit to wear. You should try collections of mini and midi dresses by Bamboo Blonde. Head to our offline store all around Bali or shop online on our site to get the best deal. Xīnnián kuàile (新年快乐), Happy New Year!

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