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Summer Dresses From The Beach To The Club

Check out the hottest pick dresses for summer for any occasion!

Our favourite summer dress collection from Bamboo Blonde definitely will fit on and give you refreshing vibes, with super soft material made for breezing through your hottest days.

Looking at the seashores, smiles on your face. Enjoying the summer breeze on the island of the Gods obviously sounds like a perfect getaway.

Hilling away a sunshiny day and evening lingering at one of the island’s best beaches and clubs is a bucket-list summer vacay! Whether your toes get embraced by the sand or seawater delightfully soaked up, you can still look gorgeous and stand out rocking on the dance floor, girl!

It’s all about settling your summer in easy pieces that match the vibe of the season.

short casual summer dress
Honolulu Mini Dress

Flirty Summer Dress

How To Tease Elegantly?

Easily melted because of the weather is not easy as melting people’s hearts. But Casual Summer Dresses can get the chance to brighten up your summer evenin’, right? Grab your flirty moment with a simple and chic frilled dress and boost your inner beauty as you start your parade to the dance floor, ladies!

Honolulu Frilled Dress

Light up your glorious night in Honolulu Frilled Dress by Bamboo Blonde. This pretty babe’s got soft cotton gauze with a pretty tiered silhouette, sweet ties at the back, and a flattering V-neck at the front. Come along with youthful optimism, black and white gingham pattern, or freshen up your look in dazzling white fabrication. Put your red lipstick on. Then wrap the style with biker boots and a pendant hanging on your collarbone, you’re so ready thrillin' to the beach club!

white summer dress
Romania Flowy Summer Dress

White Summer Dress

Play Safe But Fun

White dresses are such a staple, the kind of item of clothing that you throw on and give you room to create your own style. A white dress will always look good, it’s sophisticated and effortless, for instance! Dress up this casual outfit with a straw hat and paired with slides for the evening or the day – everything goes with white, right?

One Of Our Favourite Summer Dresses

Short Casual Summer Dresses are a must have. Meet your favorite Bamboo Blonde summer collection in a flattering tiered ruffle waist Romania Flowy Mini Dress. Pretty layered stringy-selvage frilled trimmed with V-neckline, get the figure-playful silhouette and point out your natural waist-curve with elastic stripe details.

Made of rayon, this dress is so light and flexible. This gorgeous mini dress will move with you whether you enjoy having a me-time at the beach, go to the club hang-outs with your ranger-squad or have a romantic dinner with your loved ones, that’ll have you feeling and looking amazing, wherever you headed.

blue mini summer dress
Blair Rib Mini Summer Dress

Off The Shoulder Summer Dress

Pop Up That Shoulder Line!

Let’s talk about Oh! So famous bare shoulder dresses - It’s been long and they’re still ready to make your look fascinating and there is a reason for it. Bare shoulder comes pretty much a natural NEXT-TREND, but also a return or beginning of new summer styles: relaxed, cool, ladylike, slightly cheeky. edgy, but super chic and easy to do.

You can style it with anything as they look stunning when paired with the right footwear and attractive accessories at your convenience and what suits you the best. You could still slay it in your everyday stroll, formal wear, and even make you confident to wear it after relaxing on the beach to hang out or the disco room or private party events with your gals. Game up your style quotient with Bamboo Blonde’s Off The Shoulder Dresses selection and ready to roll up your blissful summer season! 

Blair Halter Rib Mini Dress

The essential thing you want to look into when you’re on the hunt for a rib mini dress is its fabric. Thin knits need to be in the proper size otherwise you risk rocking a flimsy outfit, and thicker knits can appear bulky if they are too heavy or fit improperly. Embracing in tints of turquoise color, you get a feminine feel as sweet as furtive kisses with Blair Halter Rib Mini Dress by Bamboo Blonde.

A Bright Summer Dress, it features a rib mini dress fit with a cross-over halter neckline and cut-out detailing in high-quality fabric made just for YOU. Stretchy, body fits, and not easy to fall off are the perfect combo to show your bodycon's shape. Finish your look with a pair of chunky black boots or if you want a lighter style? Pick your favorite flip flop/slide. Wear your hair down slightly messy in those beach waves, or pull it up in a messy ponytail or bun and expose those sexy shoulders. Blair Halter Rib Mini Dress will keep you HOT like summer!

‘Anything is Popsicle!’

Sunny days at the beach to warm summer evenings at the bar, or side ruching to the perfectly placed ruffle to breathable, wearable fabric that freshens up your summer outfit. Anything is possible! Above all, go get your favorite pieces from our Beautiful Summer Dresses collection by Bamboo Blonde. We want you to claim yours. Don't miss this. 

Love, Bamboo Blonde.

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