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The Top 4 Jumpsuits for Travel

Comfy & Stylish

Ever felt stuck between looking cute and staying practical during travels? As a local Bali brand at Bamboo Blonde, we know all too well living in Bali means you are often in transit. Between hitting the beach, a day trip, or heading to dinner, we’ve designed ladies jumpsuits to carry you seamlessly through your day. 

A good jumpsuit for women never goes out of style

Our top four best-selling bali jumpsuit below are ideal for those on the move who love staying stylish. We’ve paired down our favourite choices for local and international travel, making fashion easy to grab and go, fun and trendy.

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Jumpsuits Perfect for Bike Riding

Jump on it;)

Bali living often means zipping around on a scooter or bike, so we realised the need to design a jumpsuit perfect for biking. When creating our clothes, Bamboo Blonde takes into account our hip, and on the go clientele.

We base our designs on allowing our clients the freedom to go between several functions without needing to change. We believe the onesie is the perfect mixture of style and function, and set about creating the perfect biking outfit.

Mid-calf length jumpsuit will get you everywhere

Out came the Suzie black jumpsuit, with an optimal mid-calf length that prevents your pant leg from getting stuck while riding. The Suzie jumpsuit is a crop top suit that allows for maximum movement of your arms and upper body, without affecting the rest of your suit. Her relaxed waist and pant line allows for a movement and flow that won’t catch you up as you ride. Offered in a soft black, this rayon suit glides along as you do, offering an elegance and strut to your step. 

Go strapless or go home;)

Another top pick for biking about town, is our strapless Dakota jumpsuit. Strapless, yet supportive, this suit was designed to prevent pulling or bunching as you move. Created for optimal flow and breathability, this soft and relaxed suit allows you to move about easily, while sporting a boutique stylish look. 

Can you wear a jumpsuit? 

Whether zipping past rice fields or winding through traffic, we created these pieces to move effortlessly with the rider. We love that staying active doesn’t mean limiting yourself to styles that don’t reflect your vibe.

From destination A to B, we’ve got you dressed in cute onesies with cuts for optimal comfort and mobility.

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Perfect Jumpsuit for Catching a Flight

Get ready to shoot off

With the demands of travel in mind, we have put our heads together to create a jumpsuit perfect for the plane. Bali is full of little hideaways and stunning destinations, and we love that our customers want to get out and explore in our latest fashions.

When it comes to air travel, we know the priority is always comfort and feeling good during those occasionally long and arduous flights. Our aim was to dress our customers in stylish yet simple ladies jumpsuits that make traveling even easier.

Choose the easy fit jumpsuit

One of our all time favourite jumpsuits is the Jane Birkin suit. With a soft cotton flow to the suit, this piece is both elegant and ridiculously comfortable.

What I love the most about this item is the simple button up on the shoulder and along the side of the torso. The easy fit and round neckline also provide extra comfort and easy accessibility taking on or off along your trip.

This piece is both effortlessly chic, and a closet classic, one that can be worn during your travels and beyond.

Black Jumpsuit vs. White Jumpsuit

This casual classic comes in, of course, two staple colours: black and white. A great outfit to pair with sneakers and a tote, this look affords a hip and simple way of staying current but casual.

The Jane Birkin is one of our top selling jumpsuits for women, travellers and fashionistas on the go.

black jumpsuit for women

The perfect floral jumpsuit

Layer it up!

Another top seller for those about to travel is the Ulla jumpsuit. The simple tie on the shoulder, roomie waist, and adorable print will uplift and offer plenty of room to stretch out in. The full length leg is also great for those drafty flights, and could easily pair with flats and a sweater to go the distance. We love the way this cut drapes on most bodies with a flattering midline and spacious pant. The Ulla jumpsuit comes in a delicate floral print that is both soft and relaxing to wear. 

As the popularity of onesies continues to grow, we love that staying stylish in our jumpsuits while traveling has become a priority. All four of our favourite onesies for travel include the key ingredients we are known for at Bamboo Blonde: versatility, effortless chic, and comfort. 

Our clothes are ever evolving to cater to the on the go Bali nomad craving style that is simple and fresh, and our floral jumpsuits offer just that. Our customers are some of the most cutting edge in fashion in Bali, and we aim to offer clothes that are comfortable, stunning and perfect for everyday travel.

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