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What to Wear for a Barn Wedding?

Maybe this time around your friends and family members have chosen a rustic-inspired theme for their wedding

Barn weddings are a romantic twist on the traditional wedding. Typically surrounded by greenery, mountain views, or picturesque scenery, a barn setting allows for a laidback wedding vibe.

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But what do you wear?

Granted a farm wedding tends to be one of the trickier weddings to dress for, due to it being hard to gauge how informal or formal the occasion is going to be.

Some barn weddings may have a laidback country feel, whereas others may be super formal. A great way to start is asking for a dress code – you don’t want to assume that just because of the low-key setting that the wedding is going to be predominately casual.

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Let’s face it, a floral dress is a failsafe option for barn wedding guest dresses. For low-key farm weddings, you may want to consider channelling a rustic, natural aesthetic into your farm wedding guest outfit – a muted floral or leafy print helps to do just that. Floral styles are great for pairing with a wide range of footwear choices including biker boots, strappy block heels, or even welly boots.

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Romance yourself this wedding season in an elegant and opulent slip dress. How about styling up a satin slip with lace paneling? Timeless in aesthetic, a slip dress is a great choice for a farm wedding guest dress. Dress code dependent, team your barn wedding attire with block heel mules, or block heel boots for more low-key affairs.

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Easy Mini Dresses

Comfortable and suitable for the occasion.

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Smock dresses give you the best of both worlds. Combining style and comfortability, they’re a perfect option for barn wedding outfits. Choose from both mini or midi styles, in a range of prints, colorways, and fabrics. For more low-key weddings, dial your smock dress down with a pair of chunky biker boots.

Wench Mini Dress

Subtle in blue and in a classic wench style. Style it up with a pair of cowboy boots for your playful side or just paired up with a classic strappy wedges sandals. Keep your hair up in a bun or let them loose in soft curls.
Be the wedding guest of the season – in Bamboo Blonde.

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