Leopard Obsession

The Leopard print has been around for decades and guess what girlfriend… It’s back!! It’s fierce, it’s fabulous and it’s fashion-forward with a hint of nostalgia!!  

From high-end brands ​like ​Givenchy and Calvin Klein to our fast fashion forward sisters Dissh and Verge G​irl, ​the prints have been updated, reworked and reinvented to today’s sexy street style.

It girl Kendall Jenner sexes it up with leopard capes draped over a silky slip, screaming SEX! To our iconic bombshells Naomi Campbell rocking her timeless leopard onesie.

Why leopard?

For starters, it​’s​ the new ​b​lack​,​ it goes with anything. Mix leopard on leopard or leopard with black or denim and you​’​r​e​ ready to enter the wild!

​The Social Media world loves it! Stand out with what’s happening on the runways. Brands like Versace have been pushing leopard prints for decades. Now days Brands are reinventing the Leopard print in all different shades and colours, so its versatile to any individual.

So come one baby stand out! Experiment and be noticed!