From Cali to Bali

During her holiday in Bali we were lucky enough to call this beautiful Cali girl our muse for our island lifestyle brand. Have a closer look in the interviews and get to know her better!




Tell us about background, hometown, family, hobbies?  

I’m 23 years old born and raised from Oceanside, California! I am currently a licensed Esthetician and certified makeup artist. I’m an only child and was fortunate enough having the most amazing parents to raise me 🙂 I’ve always loved visual art and photography ever since I could remember, my Mom & Dad made scrap books of my life growing up with film photos of me at my birthday parties, elementary school trips and friends so it really made me appreciate the importance of taking photos and keeping them to show, because I would of never remembered any of those times if it wasn’t for my parents taking all of those photos and it’s so nice looking back at them now!  Freshman year in High school I took a photo class that sparked my true love for photography, I got my first DSLR Canon camera for the class with an amazing lens to shoot surf, which is still one of my favorite sports to shoot until this day!


What are the Fashion trends you like in the summer? 

You will always find me in sandals & glasses no matter what! Bikinis under my crop tops, tanks and denim shorts. I’ve just recently started to wear summer dresses they are so cute and easy to dress up if you’re going out!



What do you like about Bamboo Blonde brand? What are your favorite items? 

I love the way all of the clothes look so classy yet casual, perfect for my summer looks! Everything fits amazing to my body and it’s hard finding clothing that emphasizes your curves the way Bamboo Blonde does. My favorite items are the resort town crop top & Alleyway top!



What do you like about Instagram? What do you use it for? 

I think Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with so many different people, companies etc. I have met and kept in contact with a lot of people all over the world and wouldn’t of been able to if it wasn’t for Instagram. I first only used Instagram for my photography when I first got it and my page started growing when my photos would make it to the popular page. I then posted more content of myself and everyday life, I also started another Instagram a few years ago that is just dedicated to my photography @encphotography.


How would you spend a perfect day? 

I would be near the ocean and palm trees with warm weather tanning under the sun. A water & beer in each hand would be a nice touch 😉 and of course have amazing, fun company with me to enjoy the day! I’m pretty simple, a perfect day will always be by the beach for me!


What do you love about Bali?

I absolutely love the locals and everyone who travels to Bali everyone is just so happy and interested in your story. No other place I’ve been to where you can smile and instantly get the biggest and most beautiful smiles right back at you, I wish I could capture all of those moments they really make Bali such a special place for me. There is so much to do in Bali as well, from surfing in the ocean to riding the scooter around town, exploring waterfalls and rice fields, amazing food everywhere you turn, and such fun night life to go out and listen to music! I will forever be coming back to Bali!!!




Who do you follow on IG? Top 5? 

This is so hard since I follow a lot of amazing pages! Most that I follow are photography, I like to appreciate other people’s eye for photography and I think it helps to make you grow as an artist. My top 5 IG accounts would have to be:


@Samantheeyo Some of the best portrait shots I’ve ever seen, love her style and all of the pretty faces she shoots.

@trippydana She has so many eye catching photos that bring you back in time. I just love everything she creates, truly an amazing photographer & artist.

@katgaskin We have followed each other since the beginning and she has always had the most beautiful & bright tropical posts, I always want to transport myself into her photos.

@nathanp Some of my favorite surf/water shots they definitely inspire me to shoot more often.

@elanaloo I love all of her travel photos they are so clean and she always has the best captions to go with them.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

I’m 23 years old now so in 5 years I’ll be 28. I see myself having my own business which I’m still not sure which avenue I’ll take that but hope it will allow me to travel the world with my soul mate, and soon start a little family to also share my love and show them the world!





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