Let’s go Native this season!

We have released our new range this season in Native American-inspired print called “Navajo Wall”. The Aztec and Navajo prints will spice you up this summer and add interest to your outfit! This eye-catching trend will give that “tribal” feel and bohemian look throughout this summer.


Daylight Dress

You can tie it up or wrap it around, your choice! With a wrap hem, it’s the perfect daytime dress for this summer in town with your friends. Grab your favorite strappy sandals and clutch to go out with it!


Infinity Playsuit

This playsuit will complete your “infinity collection”. The name says it all-you can play with the sleeve and neckline in any way you want it to, no boundaries!


Rustic Maxi Skirt

The ‘rustic’ look in this skirt means back to the vintage term of “bohemian”. Pair it with a cute cropped top or a loose bell sleeved top for a truly bohemian girl look.



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BB Team