New Faces, New Goals and New clothes.

Twenty sixteen is slowly coming to an end and what a year it has been for everyone.

Despite the year that was had and the things that have happened on new year’s night everyone is going to be out and about and it really doesn’t hurt to look good!

We here at Bamboo Blonde this year around have pulled together a couple pieces we think will look great on any of one of you for the upcoming New Year!


Winter flower playsuit – IDR. 590k (USD $34)

Felicity maxi dress –  IDR. 690k (USD $51)

Square slip dress – IDR. 450k (USD $33)

Ophelia maxi dress – IDR. 690k (USD $51)


It’s an exciting time for everyone and we definitely encourage our BB girls to check out these pieces!

We know it can be tricky picking that new years dress, you know it’s a yearly occasion and you definitely don’t want to go wrong. The select outfits featured above are just some of our newest pieces. If you want to look further and find something that really suits you stay tuned through our Social Media and newsletter to find your look!


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BB Team