Photographer: Fontaine Denton (@pelagicmodel)

Model: Jennifer Young (@jenniferleanneyoung)

Location: Bali

A week ago we had the chance to collaborate with the talented photographer Fontaine Denton and the beautiful model Jennifer young, who was playing the “mermaid” in our beautiful pieces for an ethereal underwater photo shoot.

We wanted to create something different this time, something unique for the brand… We liked the idea of underwater photo shoot that brings out the artistic and free-spirit atmosphere. The shoot was carried out in a relaxed, warm environment in a peaceful Villa in Bali.


Let’s take a closer look in the interview and get to know them better!


“Swimming gives freedom like no other activity.”

Frilly Halter-maxi dress-sexy-jennifer young -pelagic-dynasty floral-underwater-exotic-into the blue-mermaid 7

Uptown wrap dress-red dress-goddess-mermaid-underwater-into the blue-maxi dress-pelagic-jennifer young8

Our muse, the gorgeous Jennifer Young

Tell us a bit about your background? (hometown, family, education…)

Berlin born, half english, mostly raised by a single mom. My home is wherever I am which usually changes every months. I live a gypsy life 🙂 Life itself is the best education and I won’t graduate until the day I die. Maybe not even then.

Take us behind the scenes of the Bamboo blonde underwater photo shoot, what was that experience like?

Extreme and much harder than I expected. Was a dream come true for me though.

What are the challenges to do an underwater photo shoot?

Breathing, moving, posing and getting the right angle. Basically everything you need to get a good shots. It’s all 10x more challenging!

Jamaica maxi dress-tribal abstract-exotic-underwater-into the blue-pelagic-jennifer young7

South beach dress-broken lines-exotic-underwater-into the blue-pelagic-jennifer young17

What do you like about modelling underwater?

The Challenge of being out of your own element and still making it look natural. And the dreamy ethereal results.

What are the fashion trends you like in the summer?

I don’t really follow trends, just whatever I feel on the day. Sometimes edgy, sometimes soft, sometimes…

What are your favorite items from Bamboo Blonde, and why?

I loved the white Kimono and earthy print dresses as they suited my skin tone and lifestyle more.

Tie dye-exotic-underwater-into the blue-pelagic-jennifer young12

Our talented underwater photographer Fontaine Denton

Tell us a bit about your background. (education, hometown, family…) 

I’m from Virginia Beach from the States, and I am half Norwegian. I left america when I was 18 and started diving and working as an instructor. At that time I was lucky enough to travel the world working as an instructor and that path led me to Bali and underwater photography.

How did you get into underwater photography?

Through my career as a dive instructor it was my job to take underwater photographers diving and show them all the interesting sea creatures, so it was a natural progression that I started taking the pics myself.

What are the challenges of an underwater photo shoot?

It’s extremely difficult for the model and photographer, all the setting of the camera has to be perfect, the lighting also has to be perfect. A lot of luck goes into and just plain hard work from the model’s perspective for holding your breath, keeping a relaxed face and posing whilst while keeping your eyes open underwater is a daunting task.

How would you describe your photography style?

I’d like to think I have a wide range styles, I love doing underwater model photography and this is a new area for me that I am developing. It is definitely arty, emotional, and sometimes psychedelic, I’m more comfortable with fish at the moment and I am developing my style with models. Working with models is an art form!

Which one is your favorite Bamboo Blonde frame?

I love the very first picture (with the white cape), it’s strange in my shoot the first one always seems to stand out, but there are many to chose from 🙂

What would be some tips would you give to a beginning photographer?

Get close and then get closer to your subject. Use your own lighting. Start with a simple point and shoot set up and slowly built it from there. Shoot in manual mode as much as possible to get a real feel for your camera.


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