Get out from your routines and explore the world


This is the perfect time of year to break out of your comfort zone! When you get away to explore a new place, you feel refreshed by the new sights, smells, environment and culture.

We pick a few pieces to bring more fashion inspirations for your trips this summer!



“A strong desire to travel and explore the world”



Destination: Bali

Tie me up-summer fling-floral dress-summer dress-front knot-yellow dress-front-6-8-10-12-14bali-2

Tie me up dress IDR. 490K (USD $37)

Escape to the island of gods for endless sun and poolside cocktails


Destination: Saint Tropez

Retro babe dress-elegant-summer dress-midnight navy-front-6-8-10-12-145-star-saint-tropez-yacht-break-for-two-with-michelin-star-dining_background

Retro babe dress IDR. 550K (USD $42)

Cruise to the coastal town on the French Riviera for some delicious Mediterranean food and beach.


Destination: Malibu

South fest crochet dress-crochet-beach wear-bohemian-beige - front-side-one sizemalibu_pier_a_l

Beige lace dress IDR. 650K (USD $49)

Hop on PCH for a little beach day at little Dume! Stop off at some nice cafes for snacks that will last you through the sunset.


Destination: Rio de Janeiro

Frilly halter maxi dress-floral dynasty red-sexy-chic-front-6-8-10-12-14caesar-park-rio-de-janeiro

Frilly halter maxi dress IDR. 650K (USD $49)

Nothing but the Latin vibe, spend the day at the beach and dance the Samba all night!


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